Food is a Critical and Multidimensional Topic

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When we talk about food, we are also discussing health, farming, land, water, and the reality of changing weather patterns. Food is not only about big business but also personal economics, as we all want to be able to afford to eat in a healthy manner. It’s clear that the health of our community is directly related to how well our community eats.

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Episode 1: China, Meat, & Volatility

In this episode of Local Food TV and Radio, we cover a range of food-related stories from around the world, the nation, and locally. We begin with concerns over China's shrinking farmland and its potential impact on the country's food security. Next, we discuss new labeling requirements for meat products in the USA, which aim to provide consumers with more information about where their food comes from. We then take a look at the volatile outlook for agricultural commodities, exploring the impact of factors like weather, war, and economic tensions on global markets. Next we recap the Natural Products Expo West, a major trade show for the natural and organic food industry in the United States. Finally in local news, we report on how Colorado's food banks are preparing for a surge in demand as the state's nearly 553,000 SNAP recipients face an average reduction of $90 per month in assistance starting March 2023.
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